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For instance, you can find a great deal on furniture using a Pottery Barn coupon and a donation will go towards providing refuge for our equines.  Or get an Amazon deal and know that you are helping to rehabilitate a horse.  Or next time you take a trip, use Orbitz savings and you can enjoy your vacation better knowing that you helped our mission too! more

Marilyn L. Goodreau

2010 Buy-a-Bale Campaign Begins

Every year the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals feeds its animals more than 25,000 bales of hay. Depending on weather conditions, the farm yields between 5,000 and 6,000 bales of hay from its own fields during each hay season. Last season the average cost for a bale of hay was $5.00. Right now the Society is providing rehabilitation and care for nearly 90 horses. more
Save Sweetheart the horse

Help Save Sweetheart

Sweetheart will steal your heart.  Like so many who are brought to the Society’s barns, she had all but lost hope.  We received little information about her.  How had she gotten in this shocking condition?  She was so thin, with ribs, spine, tail head, and hipbones protruding through her rain-rotted, dull winter coat.  Her skinny rump was covered in patches of infected skin, bare from the loss of hair, and hot to the touch. more

Morgan Kendall starts the Recycle for Rescue program

Recycle for Rescue

For many people across the state, times are still tough and money is tight. Priorities have shifted, and the focus of most is now one essentials. The Society is no exception. more
cat purple pagoda

Win This Pagoda Tree!

This delightful piece of hand-crafted feline furniture could be yours!  For the modest price of $5.00, you may purchase a raffle ticket and a chance to win this fabulous cat palace.* At the same time, you will be supporting the animals of the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals. more

Every Bale Counts

The wet weather conditions in Maine this summer have damaged crops for gardeners and farmers alike. But no crop has been more severely harmed than hay. When there are 90 horses to be fed each day, every bale of hay helps to keep one of our formerly abused or neglected animals contentedly chewing. more

Winter Campaign a Success!

Thank you to the many generous folks who have donated to the Society to help fill our hay loft and provide for the animals living at the farm.  In February we began our winter “Buy a Bale” campaign,  setting a goal of $100,000 to help pay for the 90 bales of quality horse hay the MSSPA needs each day.  Animal supporters and horse lovers near and far responded to that appeal. Our goal has been met and exceeded -- a very gratifying $107,450.00 has been raised. more

Policy on the Acceptance of Gifts

The Society’s Board of Directors is charged with maximizing the Society’s ability to perform its mission.  Toward that end, the Society’s Directors have a fiduciary duty to the Maine people served by the Society’s programs and the many generous donors who have supported the Society in the past to assure that the Society’s assets are employed efficiently and protected from potential liabilities and diversion to purposes other than those that will further the Society’s goals. more

Why Become a Member

Since 1872, when the MSSPA was formed to protect the horses then pulling Portland, Maine’s streetcars and fire engines, caring individuals have given generously to the organization because it is a gift to care for those who have served us. more