Arabian Breeze

Born: February 18th, 2021
Breed: Arabian
Sex: Gelding
Height: Growing
Color: Bay

Arabian Breeze was born here at the shelter in February 2021.  Breeze is quite the social critter with a curious mind and a large amount of confidence in a small body. He has made many new friends both horse and human, and has been exposed to so many different places and items already (i.e. the trailer, different paddocks/pastures, the indoor arena, the hay fields, tarps, cones, the teeter totter, exercise balls, dogs etc.).  This little man approaches everything with curiosity and confidence!

Breeze stands well for the vet and farrier although he likes to get involved and can put his nose where it doesn’t belong. He lives in a stall with daily turnout alongside his favorite uncle, Bodie, who he enjoys running and playing with throughout the day.  When Uncle Bodie needs a break from babysitting, Breeze will find a friend by sticking his nose through the fence to play with other horses. Trainer Chris Lombard says that Breeze has all the makings of an excellent endurance horse–stamina, spirit, and a willing heart! His ideal adopter will be a horse person who has previous experience with young horses and the ability to commit to Breeze’s continued training. You can now submit a preliminary application for Arabian Breeze.