Born: 1997
Breed: Morgan
Sex: Mare
Height: 14.3 hh
Color: Bay

Meet Grace!  Grace is a very sweet and gentle older mare.  Visitors love to spend time with her, and volunteers love to groom her as well.  She can’t wait to go outside in the morning and is always eager for dinner in the evenings.  Although she is a sweet lady, she doesn’t have a problem showing other horses who is boss.     

Grace is currently barefoot and is wonderful for the farrier and vet.  She is a difficult keeper as she has had laminitis in the past and needs limited grass access, and her hay must be soaked daily.  She can lose and gain weight easily, so it is important that her diet is monitored.  She is on 1 scoop of InsulinWise, 2 Prascend tablets, and 1 Equioxx tablet daily, which she takes with ease.  Will this sweet mare be a good fit for your home? Please fill out an adoption application today!