Born: 2000
Breed: Standardbred
Sex: Mare
Height: 16hh
Color: Light bay

Lily is an introverted and independent mare. When she arrived at the MSSPA, she had limited to no handling or human interaction; she was skeptical of people and had not been socialized with other horses.  Since then, she has warmed up to people and is building relationships with staff members, volunteers, and visitors. Lily is also making friends with several MSSPA horses. Despite Lily’s big personality, she is usually lower in the herd’s pecking order.

Lily can become frustrated when asked to do something new or challenging, as she anticipates being misunderstood.  She is spirited and bold but can show her sweeter side with time and trust from her handler. Lily loves a good scratch or a rub down with a soft brush!

As Lily has progressed with her handling and groundwork, she has learned to let down her defensive wall, becoming an inquisitive and intelligent horse. She has developed her skills, from learning to lead, walking over trot poles, desensitization to arena obstacles, going for walks in the hayfield, and is working hard to stand quietly for the farrier.

Because Lily was saddle trained at an older age, she is very green and takes everything in stride. She will confidently carry a rider at the walk, but her trot is still in the works. She is currently barefoot and is on one Equioxx tablet daily to help keep her moving comfortably. Lily is turned out with mares and enjoys living outside with a shed where she can come and go as she pleases.  She would do best with an intermediate/advanced handler that can appreciate her strong spirit and help build her trust.  Are you ready to introduce this mare to your herd? Please fill out an adoption application today!