Age: 10
Breed: Quarter Horse
Sex: Mare
Height: ~15.1
Color: Dark brown

Handler Experience Level: Experienced
Rider Experience Level: N/A
Suitable Disciplines: Companion only
Temperament: Energetic

Meet Violet! Violet is young and energetic, with a friendly and outgoing temperament. She loves interacting with our volunteers and visitors alike. A curious, young mare, Violet likes to stick her head out of her stall or over the paddock fence to greet everybody that she sees. She gets along with other horses, as long as they respect the fact that she is the boss! She is very confident and this sometimes translates into her testing leadership. Her ideal home and human teammate would have to be confident and well experienced with horses, both in working with them and in how their farm is set up to care for them.

Due to health issues, Violet is not suitable for riding. A skilled handler is required as she has the potential to react when being handled.

Preliminary Adoption Application