Help, Hope, Home – A Facility Improvement

Help, Hope, Home – A Facility Improvement

Help, Hope, Home is a $1.8 million facility improvement that consolidates an indoor training arena and humane education center with administrative offices. The project serves the horses and the people who care about them. Our indoor training arena is a vital step forward and you are our vital partner in making it a reality. Together, we will give majestic, beautiful – yet mistreated – horses help, hope… home.

Help keep the horses healthy and comfortable regardless of the Maine weather. Help teach others the meaning of compassion.

Give hope. Hope is an abused, neglected horse suffering in conditions almost too terrible to recount who finds help at MSSPA’s River Road farm in time of need.

The Society’s ultimate goal is to find every horse their right home. With your help, each MSSPA horse has a real chance to go home.

Please support Help, Hope, Home with your tax-deductible gift to the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals. And to all who are helping to bring the project from grand plan to grand opening, thank you!

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