Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials

For many of us, animals are our closest companions and more – they are cherished members of our families. When a companion animal passes on, regardless of circumstances, we may experience a loss that is difficult to process. While how to best honor the life of an animal is a personal choice, creating a memorial to celebrate the life of our friend and family member can help to ease the grief that death causes. The Society offers you the opportunity to create a tribute to your companion animal, to make a memorial donation in your animal’s honor, and to invite others to share in the tribute.

TO SUBMIT A MEMORIAL: Scroll to the form near the bottom of this page. Your memorial will be live within one business day.

mochaPet Name: Mocha (and Manny)
Animal Type: Cat
Date of Passing: Sun, 08/2016
Date of Birth:  03/2003

She and her brother, Manny were the most lovable and tender Siamese! Mocha loved to snuggle, loved playing fetch with a tiny wad of paper and loved playing hide and seek. We miss her and her brother Manny like crazy. –Deb and Pete Gellerson

newman-lounges-on-stovePet Name: Newman
Animal Type: Cat
Date of Passing: Sun, 08/20/2016
Date of Birth: Sat, 04/2002

A tiny kitten, Newman was rescued from a road in rural Maine by Meris Bickford, CEO of MSSPA. He grew to be a 20-pound behemoth. He was a neighborhood character and fierce hunter. Newman lived with diabetes and other health issues; he mellowed into a calm indoor cat in his last years. A poem about him was read by Garrison Keillor on The Writer’s Almanac on NPR: “To My Cat With An Eating Disorder.” Newman was one of a kind. — Alice Persons

Deisel and LambertPet Name: Diesel
Animal Type: Dog
Date of Passing: Sun, 06/03/2012
Date of Birth: Sat, 10/21/2006
Diesel was my constant companion. He spent every day with me on the farm and shared every meal. I spoiled him but what he gave back to me was priceless. It’s hard to imagine my life without him. I know he is in a better place after his struggle with pancreatic cancer and he watches me every day. You were a good dog D.  -Marie Fisk
Olivia closeup1_0Pet Name: Olivia
Animal Type: Cat
Date of Passing: Mon, 01/30/2012
Date of Birth: Sat, 05/01/1993
Olivia was a rescued cat who lived to be almost 20. She was a tiny, dirty, frightened, abused kitten when I adopted her. She would not let me pet her for about 6 months. Little Olivia never got any bigger than about 7 pounds, but she was lightning quick, very sweet and grateful for her life as an indoor cat. She loved to eat, sleep in the sun, and gentle stroking. I miss her.  – Alice Persons

Pet Name: Trixie
Animal Type: Horse
Date of Passing: Fri, 04/01/2005
Date of Birth: Wed, 06/01/2005
I first fell in love with Trixie at the age of nine, on the day she was born on a neighbors farm. She became mine on Easter morning of 1980 and for the next twenty-five years she was my best friend, alter-ego, and confidant. Her unconditional love and acceptance gave me the strength to set goals, believe in myself, and to stand strong against my father’s psychological cruelties and demeaning attitude. By example, Trixie showed me how to become the type of person I wanted to be, one capable of love, compassion, and generosity. – Kimberly Sue McLaughlin
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