Now Hiring!

Now Hiring!



The MSSPA continues to grow!

The Society is looking for a full-time employee for general care and upkeep of two barns with 50+/- horses on 124 acres with multiple turnout pastures. Feeding, stall mucking, turn out/in, handling/grooming, wound care, and assisting with all aspects of animal care and facility maintenance. Employees required to perform occasional night (8:30pm) barn-checks.

Interactions with public on a regular basis as barns are open to public daily. The right individual for this position should have long-term experience with handling horses and knowledge of day-to-day operations of a large, farm facility. Ability to learn routine quickly, very good work ethic, a high level of maturity and professionalism are essential. Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation is a must. Rate of pay is commensurate with experience and relevant skills ($9-$10 to start)

To apply, visit and fill out the online application.



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