Horse Hero Monthly Giving Club

Horse Hero Monthly Giving Club

You can be a Horse Hero today!

Why Give Monthly?

“Horses gotta eat!”

Horse Hero Mary Ann Benson is a member of the Monthly Giving Club because horses like Windy River have to eat every day, every month.

No matter what’s happening in the world, he and his friends require continuous care. Compassionate monthly giving from a Horse Hero like you assures that the horses receive food, shelter, veterinary medical care, farrier services, dentistry, and training regularly.

It’s easy. Sign up once and know that you’re consistently caring for the horses. If at any point you need to change your regular gift, simply contact the MSSPA and we’ll take care of it without delay.

As a Horse Hero, your impact is exponential. Every generous one-time donation provides an impact. But look at how much your monthly kindness increases the care provided to the Society horses:

Here’s how the horses use your gift all year: