Giving Tuesday 2022

Giving Tuesday 2022

Thank you for your compassionate support for Giving Tuesday on November 29th!

With your help, we raised over $7,000 to care for neglected and abused horses. But the rescuing never stops, and you can still make a Giving Tuesday donation. Thank you for your generosity in saving these equines.

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Equines arrive at the MSSPA in various ways and conditions. The one thing they all share is a need for their best interests to be considered. Every new arrival at the MSSPA shelter receives the same high level of care tailored to their unique circumstances. Please help us provide vet and farrier care, hay, grain, and medications for neglected and abused horses in rehabilitation.

Shamrock upon arrival


Tater Tot upon arrival
Silver upon arrival

You might remember Shamrock’s story from earlier this year. The 18-year-old gelding was a shocking 400 pounds underweight when he came to the Society from a failing farm in Central Maine. He had helplessly watched two other horses die from lack of care before his rescue landed him at the shelter. Luckily, Shammy’s story has added a new chapter with a loving adoptive family.

When mini horse Tater Tot arrived at the end of 2021, his badly neglected hooves needed attention. Their condition was exacerbated because he was far too heavy for his small frame. Support from generous donors like you helped rehabilitate Tater Tot and send him to a new home at Rivers Edge Farm in Hollis, ME, where he spends time with new pasture mate, Toast.

Now known as The Maine Three, they first arrived as part of the Neglected 20. Silver, Annie, and Sienna were unhandled mustangs that could not thrive in domesticated circumstances. The MSSPA tirelessly worked to send them full circle back to the wild at Skydog Ranch in Oregon. Your compassionate support saved these wild mustangs and returned them where they belong.

Thank you for helping us continue to provide the best care for the rescued horses who find themselves, through no fault of their own, at the MSSPA shelter. Your kindness and caring ensure that the rescuing never stops for these horses.