Monthly Giving Program

Monthly Giving Program

Why Give Monthly?

  • Horses like Windy River and his friends require continuous care, no matter what is happening in the world. Your monthly, compassionate giving assures that MSSPA has the funds needed to provide food, training, and veterinary, dentistry, and farrier services to the horses on a regular basis.
  • It’s easy. Sign up once and know that you are consistently supporting the horses you care about every single month.
  • You will automatically be entered in the monthly Help-A-Horse giveaway for a chance to win wonderful, and often handmade, items.
  • Your impact is exponential. Every generous one-time donation provides an impact. But look at how much your monthly kindness increases the care provided to the Society horses:

A $10 gift

ONE-TIME: Feeds Diana for two days

MONTHLY: Feeds Diana for three weeks

A $25 gift

ONE-TIME: Feeds Violet for five days

MONTHLY: Provides Violet with one year of dental services and two hoof trims

A $50 gift

ONE-TIME: Provides Dusty with one hoof trim

MONTHLY: Provides Dusty, Oakley, and Romeo with one year of dentistry services

A $100 gift

ONE-TIME: Provides Erkil with one hoof trim and his yearly vaccinations

MONTHLY: Provides Erkil, Luke, Poppy, Willey, Jackie, Buddy, Grace, and Jafar with yearly veterinary exams and vaccinations