Welcome, Little B!

Welcome, Little B!

With Windy River turning 2, you may have thought that your days of MSSPA foal watching were over. When Windy was born at the shelter in 2019, he was the first foal born on site in at least 20 years. We didn’t think we’d have another situation like that for a long time! Then came our lovely Arabian mare, Eva, who arrived at the shelter in July of 2020.

Coming from a place where she was not receiving quite enough food, or proper care, Eva was underweight with her mane in terrible snarls. From the moment she arrived at the shelter, Eva was sweet, calm, and easy to handle, and she quickly became a favorite with staff and particularly volunteers.

Eva adores attention of all sorts, especially when she gets a good scratch on her shoulder or neck. Like Daphne before her, Eva put on weight after arriving at the shelter. This wasn’t a surprise to anyone, until one day the staff started to notice the particular shape of her belly. After a veterinary examination and blood test, we got the news–another foal was on the way! Like with Daphne, we knew all too little about Eva’s particular circumstances before she came to the shelter, except to say that they were not good. We simply had to hope that we had received her early enough in her pregnancy to provide the kind of prenatal care she needed.

Eva’s pregnancy wasn’t obvious for a while, but by the time winter arrived, she had taken on quite a round appearance! She grew so large that everyone was surprised she hadn’t foaled already! Then late one night in February, MSSPA’s eagle-eyed CEO Meris Bickford was watching the stall cameras when she noticed that Eva had begun to foal. Eva delivered her beautiful colt quickly and without any particular distress. After some time and eventually a helping hand from Barn Manager Jeff Greenleaf, the new colt was up, walking, and nursing away. Unfortunately, Eva did not deliver the placenta after the colt was born, which can result in a life-threatening infection. The little family was quickly rushed to New England Equine Surgical and Medical Center where Eva received the excellent care she needed. After a few days of observation Eva and her colt, known by the code name “Little B,” returned to MSSPA.

Our new arrival is quite a character! He is very brave and loves to run and play. With his mother’s excellent example, he is sure to be a friendly fellow. Everyone at MSSPA is so happy to have a healthy and happy foal in the shelter. There’s only one thing that Little B is lacking…a name! Nearly 100 unique suggestions have been been made by MSSPA supporters for Little B’s name. Stay tuned for the announcement on Mother’s Day, May 9th. And while you’re here, please make sure to sign up for MSSPA’s email list and like and follow us on Facebook. That way you’ll be sure to get all of the updates about Little B, and you’ll be the first to know when the shelter is open to visitors so that you can meet him in person!