Ride to Rescue Info

Ride to Rescue Info

Ride to Rescue 2020 Details

How do I participate?

  1. Sign up to join MSSPA’s Ride to Rescue 2020 campaign on JustGiving and create your own fundraising page.  Please make sure to allow JustGiving to share your email address with us so that we can contact you.
  2. Ask friends and family to support your ride; tell them why you’re Riding to Rescue.
  3. Do your ride!  If possible, take pictures to share with your supporters.

Create your fundraising page now!

When?  Ride any time between now and October 11th.  You can do your entire ride all at once, or break it up into segments as you like.

Where? Ride where you like; there is no set course or location.  There is no public riding at the MSSPA River Road shelter.  Please be sure to follow safety measures, including telling a family member or friend of any solo ride plans, keeping a phone on you, and adhering to current guidelines regarding gatherings and physical distancing.

Who? Everyone is encouraged to participate.  You can create teams on JustGiving, which makes Ride to Rescue a great activity for families, riding clubs, 4H students, and more!

How long? The standard Ride to Rescue 2020 ride length is 5 miles.  Please adjust the length as needed for your situation, whether longer or shorter.

Ride Options

Option 1 Ride a horse–in your indoor or out on the trails.  Want an easy way to track your distance?  Download the free Equilab App.  You can even join the MSSPA stable!

Option 2 Ride a hobby horse!  If you’re as crafty as some MSSPA volunteers, you can even make your own hobby horse out of a pool noodle!

Option 3 Ride something else: your bike, your unicycle, or even your tractor as you do farm chores.  Try your best to turn your ride into a horse!  You could print out this horse mask, make an origami horse head, or use your creativity to horsify your ride some other way.  If you are a Strava user, you can link your Strava account to JustGiving to track your ride.

How to Fundraise

  1. Start by making a small donation to yourself.  This will get the ball rolling and show your friends and family your commitment to the cause.
  2. Tell everyone why you’re fundraising for MSSPA. Your personal story will have the biggest impact on the people who know you.  Share pictures and updates of your ride to inspire your supporters.
  3. Email everyone.  You never know who in your address book will be inspired to give by your personal story (or cute horse photos!).
  4. Share your campaign on Facebook.  JustGiving makes it easy to post your campaign directly to Facebook.  Try making a short video asking your friends to donate as well.
  5. Need more help?  Join the Ride to Rescue Facebook Group to ask questions and share inspiration with other Rescuers.  Email [email protected] if you would like more information or pictures to share with supporters.

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Swag and Prizes

We know you’re in it for the horses, but you deserve a little something too!

  • All Ride to Rescue fundraisers will receive a printed certificate and MSSPA keepsake lapel pin.
  • All fundraisers who raise over $250 will receive a special 2020 Ride to Rescue water bottle.
  • The top 5 fundraisers will receive a personalized MSSPA trophy.

When you create your JustGiving campaign page, please make sure you allow JustGiving to share your email address with MSSPA so that we can contact you.  We promise we won’t send very many emails–life at the horse shelter is so busy that we simply wouldn’t have time to send you spam, even if we wanted to!

Prizes will be available for collection at the shelter after the Ride in late October or November.  We will contact you to arrange pickup.