Successful Adoptions

Successful Adoptions


Jethro in August 2016 (left) and a year later in August 2017 (right)


Jethro (formerly Jenko) came to the MSSPA in the summer of 2016 as one of the Neglected Nine. The emaciated horses were removed from their neglectful owner by Maine law enforcement agents and placed at the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals. The herd was living in Washington County without food, adequate water or protection from the elements as required by Maine law.

Upon their arrival at the MSSPA on August 8, 2016, some of the horses were death-struck. The horses, all with prominent hipbones, ribs, and spines, received the lowest possible score on the Henneke Body Condition Scale. All of the horses had overgrown hooves, intestinal parasites, and were infested with lice. Each horse required extensive dental care as well.

After three months of intensive rehabilitative care, all nine horses have gained significant amounts of weight. All received necessary veterinary care and treatments from a farrier. Once they regained physical health, many, including Jethro, received training at local Photo Finish Farm to improve their quality of life and adoptability.

In May 2017, Jethro found his match in adopter Pat. They¬†make quite a team; together, they continued training, an effort culminating in placing 3rd and 4th in a dressage training-level test nearly a year from Jethro’s arrival at the MSSPA.