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Welcome, Little B!


With Windy River turning 2, you may have thought that your days of MSSPA foal watching were over.  We did too, but that all changed when Arabian mare Eva arrived at the shelter in July.  She was skinny and under-muscled with a badly tangled mane.  Despite her previous mistreatment, she was the sweetest and friendliest mare from the moment she stepped off the trailer.  With good hay and proper care, she put on weight right away.

After a little while, the staff started to notice that she had put on a bit more weight than expected!  Fast forward to the present, and everyone at MSSPA is excited to announce the arrival of Eva’s colt, code-named Little B!  Click below to read the whole story, check out more photos, and submit your suggestion for this charming foal’s name.  Do you think Windy River will be jealous??


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Happy Birthday, Windy River!

March 1st is the start of Buy-A-Bale 2021 at MSSPA, but much more importantly, it’s my birthday! I’ve had such an exciting and fun life in my first two years. I get to play with the teeter bridge, big ball, and other cool stuff in the arena. When I’m a really big boy and have learned to carry a person, I’ll be waiting for my very own human to take me home. In the meantime, all the hay provided by MSSPA supporters helps me grow big and strong.  You can buy me a present and kick off this year’s Buy-A-Bale campaign at the same time! $5 will feed me for a day and $155 will feed me for a month. Any amount makes my belly happy! Thank you for your kindness to me and all the horses at the Society.

Love, Windy River

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Check out an update, in his own words, with young horse Windy River, who turned 2 years old on March 1, 2021. Windy tells you all about his training with Chris Lombard Horsemanship and all the fun he’s having playing and exploring at River Road Farm.


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MSSPA Operations Update

In response to the increased number of COVID-19 infections occurring in our area, we have put our heads together at River Road farm and created contingency plans to ensure the safety of the people and animals here. Although the horse shelter is temporarily closed to visitors, separate teams of staff and experienced volunteers are on-site each day to care for the horses. The Society’s administrative folks are working remotely to keep you up to date with MSSPA photos, news, and fun facts about us – the horses.

Because horses require daily care, even during the pandemic, we appreciate your cooperation and support in keeping our staff, volunteers, and everyone safe by following the science. Please use face coverings when you must be in public, wash your hands frequently, and enjoy your at-home time. We look forward to having you visit us again when it is safe for everyone.

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