Protecting the health and welfare of neglected and abused equines


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Nellie spent nearly a year tied to a post with an 8-foot-long rope, an unbearable existence. When starved horses arrive at the Society, they are provided with all the hay they can eat. Your gift to the Buy-A-Bale campaign ensures desperately – and deservedly – needed care for every horse that comes to the farm. Please consider making a life-saving gift today to save horses like Nellie.


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You’re invited to be a hero as part of the Horse Hero Monthly Giving Club.

A monthly gift allows your donation to make an impact all year. Indie, Violet, and all the horses in the herd require continuous care. Compassionate monthly giving from our Horse Heroes assures the horses receive food, shelter, veterinary care, farrier services, dentistry, and training.

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The MSSPA is open to visitors! Visits by reservation only are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Reserve your time spot to visit the Society horses now!

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Thanks to you, 2022 marked 150 years of the MSSPA caring for abused, neglected Maine horses. Take a look at the Society’s 150-year trail of success stories here.

Our vision is the elimination of equine abuse and neglect.

The mission of the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals is to protect the health and welfare of neglected and abused equines.

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The MSSPA uses its resources to provide direct care, rehabilitation, and placement for horses who have suffered abuse and neglect.

The Society promotes humane treatment, training, and use of animals through education and hands-on experiences.

Watch this video as Smokey tells a tale of adoption for Jethro, Jazz, and himself.

Adoption: it isn’t the end; it’s the beginning of a whole new love affair!

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