In-Kind Donations

In-Kind Donations

The MSSPA receives nearly $60,000 worth of in-kind donations every year. This generosity is part of what allows the organization to care for every equine that comes through the doors. Please read about the types of in-kind donations that are most useful to the Society and how to make your donation. Be sure to take a look at the Amazon Wishlist to send needed items directly to the herd at the farm.

THANK YOU for contributing to the care of the horses in this way!


In-Kind Donation Items

Although we are grateful for any donated items that you wish to share with the MSSPA, below is a list of the most useable items:

  • Clean and usable horse items like saddles, blankets, and other tack
  • General maintenance tools in good condition
  • Gift certificates to frequently-visited stores: Hannaford, Shaw’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Walmart
  • Gift certificates to local pet supply stores: Windham Blue Seal Feeds, Windham Tractor Supply

For safety and liability reasons, the MSSPA cannot accept riding helmets, open or expired grain, supplements, and/or medication. Thank you!

What do we do with donated items?

First and foremost, the Society tries to put the items to use for the benefit of the horses. If the MSSPA cannot use an item, the next option is to sell the item and put the proceeds to use for the organization’s benefit. Treasure’s Tack Shack offers horse owners an assortment of donated and gently used horse supplies available for sale to support the MSSPA horses. The Tack Shack is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. The Tack Shack is staffed by volunteers.

How do I donate?

You can drop items at the farm, located at 279 River Road, Windham, ME 04062, any day of the week between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. We ask that you bring items to the Visitor’s Center located at the front of the property. You can leave items in the front vestibule. If you want to donate larger items like hay, please contact the MSSPA first to make arrangements. We would also love to know when you’re stopping by to leave your items so we can thank you in person! Contact the Society at [email protected] or (207) 892-3040, or let us know on the In-Kind Donation form below.

It is very helpful to have your contact information so that we can properly acknowledge your donation and provide you with a tax receipt. Forms are available in the vestibule of the Visitor’s Center, OR you can quickly complete the below online form before you drop off the items.

In-Kind Donation Form

How do you prefer to receive acknowledgment of your donation? (Please be sure to provide the appropriate contact information above.)(Required)
We love to share news and stories about the horses with you via email. If you would prefer not to receive email updates on the horses, you can opt out here.
Donated Items(Required)
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If you chose 'other' above, please let us know what you are donating.
Please let us know when you plan to drop off your items so we can assist you and thank you in person!

Amazon Wishlist

The items on this list help keep the horses cared for and happy! Purchase an item through Amazon and have it shipped directly to the horses. Thank you for your kindness and support of the rescued horses by purchasing wishlist items.

Visit the Horse’s Wishlist

Blue Seal Wish List

Please get in touch with the MSSPA at [email protected] or (207) 892-3040 to enquire about needed items from these businesses.

Support our local small businesses by purchasing new wish list items through Windham Blue Seal Feed, Inc. or Windham Tractor Supply Co.

Blue Seal is a long-time friend and supporter of the Society, and we are happy to partner with them to assist the rescued horses. Although Blue Seal does not offer an online shopping option, you can visit or call to make a purchase for the MSSPA. If you notify us of the purchase, we would be happy to pick it up at Blue Seal!

Windham Blue Seal: 48 Main St, Windham, ME 04062; (207) 892-9411

You can also purchase Blue Seal items online through Tractor Supply Co., and to save on shipping costs, we can pick the items up at the Windham store. When you make your purchase, please choose the “Contactless Curbside/Pickup in Store” option and make sure you choose the WINDHAM store. You will need to supply the below information to allow the MSSPA to pick up your generous donation:

Once your purchase is complete, the MSSPA will be notified and can pick up the items!