Life-Saving Happens Here

Every horse that arrives at the MSSPA comes with a story. Nellie, a sweet Quarter Horse cross mare, spent nearly a year tied to a post with an 8-foot-long rope, an unbearable existence. The halter scars around her ears and nose were evidence of her gross mistreatment and discomfort.

Nellie arrived at the MSSPA’s River Road Farm completely shut down, starving and despondent. The staff gently handled her, established a re-feeding program, and slowly rebuilt her trust. As Nellie continues her rehabilitation, her story has many happy chapters yet to be written.

Horses arrive at the MSSPA because they have been forgotten, abused, and cast aside.

When starved horses arrive at the Society, they are provided with all the hay they can eat. Grain and supplements are added when their digestive systems are ready and the horses continue to recover. Each year, the Society’s Buy-A-Bale campaign provides the herd with this fundamental building block in their rehabilitation. Your donation ensures desperately – and deservedly – needed care for every horse that comes to the farm. Please consider making a life-saving gift today.

If you prefer to make an impact all year with your gift, consider becoming a Horse Hero as a member of the Monthly Giving Club.