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Horses arrive at the MSSPA underweight and severely neglected.

On a warm July afternoon, Cherry was surrendered to her local Animal Control Officer and brought to the MSSPA. The initial assessment showed that she was emaciated, with ribs showing and withers protruding, and her feet severely neglected. Cherry’s tentative gait and painful steps to the barn were the first she took on the way to her new life.

Cherry desperately needed a soft place to land, where she could know the love and tenderness of skilled care and the reassurance of clean water, fresh hay, and grain. It would be easy to understand if she mistrusted humans or shied from being handled, but she quickly settled into her new home. Those hard days were behind her, and Cherry’s sweet personality soon emerged.

They recover, enjoy good health, and thrive.

As is often the case at the MSSPA, there is good news to share about Cherry. She is now healthy and robust after gaining nearly 100 lbs on her individualized care plan. These days, Cherry enjoys time in her paddock with her new pal, Autumn, often napping in the sun or reaching over the fence to welcome visitors.

When starved horses arrive at the Society, they are provided all the hay they can eat. Grain and supplements are added when their digestive systems are ready, and the horses continue to recover. Our annual Buy-A-Bale campaign is vital in supporting the farm’s year-round rehabilitative efforts. Your life-saving gift to this campaign contributes to the most fundamental building blocks of a horse’s recovery. Support Cherry and the other rehabilitated horses at the MSSPA with a caring and generous Buy-A-Bale gift today.

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