Feed and Care Bank

Feed and Care Bank

The Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals (MSSPA) is pleased to offer a feed and care bank to provide temporary, emergency assistance for Maine horses in need. Designated funds gifted to MSSPA by a Society Supporter and by the Maine Equine Welfare Alliance (MEWA) upon their dissolution may be used towards feed and supplements, farrier or dental services, or even routine vaccinations and veterinary well care. The program is a continuation of the feed and care bank that was offered in 2018, during which 42 Maine equines received much-needed help.

Each situation is unique and may present different needs. We know that anyone can be affected by economic challenges, which may, in turn, impact their animals. By providing this assistance, MSSPA can support Maine horses in providing a safety net, which will hopefully allow them to remain in loving, healthy homes and avoid other intervention.

Maine individuals seeking assistance for their equines may complete the short application below. MSSPA staff or volunteers will meet with applicants, check references, and may conduct site visits, as needed. Following a determination of eligibility, assistance in the form of hay, grain, supplements, farrier services, dental services, and/or routine veterinary well care and vaccines may be provided.

To qualify, applicants must be Maine residents whose horses are located in Maine.







Community Equine Support Application

Please complete this form in order to be considered for short-term equine feed and care assistance. You will be contacted to learn more about your needs. References, including veterinarian and farrier, will be checked. Recipients of assistance must agree to follow-up from the MSSPA 4-6 weeks after the end of the short-term help. MSSPA has the sole right to determine eligibility. No assistance is granted without a complete application submitted, pictures of the equine(s) in need, and a site visit (as necessary).
  • E.g. Jazz, 15, buckskin, Standardbred gelding with a blaze and socks
  • Pictures of the equine are mandatory. They can be attached to this form, emailed to [email protected], or texted to the MSSPA. Pictures will also be required after support is provided.
  • The MSSPA will perform reference checks prior to determining eligibility of assistance.
  • Please provide photos of your equine(s). At least one photo is required.
  • You must be a resident of the state of Maine to qualify for this funding and your horses must be located in Maine. You must have a workable plan developed to avoid future need and be willing to share that. You must be a private horse owner. The situation and need must be short-term. You must have owned your equine(s) for a minimum of six months. You must agree to no breeding. MSSPA has the sole right to determine eligibility. No assistance is granted without a complete application, including pictures before aid and after. By submitting this application, you are agreeing to submit a photo of your horse(s) in need with this application and you are agreeing to provide a photo of the horse(s) receiving assistance at the time of follow-up.