Feed & Care Bank Donation

Feed & Care Bank Donation

The MSSPA is pleased to offer a Feed & Care Bank to provide temporary, emergency assistance to Maine horses in need. Funds may be used towards hay, feed, farrier or dental services, routine vaccinations, and veterinary care.

Support from caring donors makes this program possible. Thank you.

Give to the Feed & Care Bank

There are many reasons Maine horse owners need support from the MSSPA’s Feed & Care Bank: loss of job, an unexpected health issue, even a particularly bad hay season. Making ends meet can be a real challenge at the best of times, especially with hungry equines looking for their next bale of hay.  The Feed & Care Bank allows horses to remain in loving, healthy homes and avoid other interventions.

Read a Feed & Care Bank Success Story

Maine individuals seeking assistance for their equines may complete the short application here.

Thank you for your compassion in supporting Maine horse owners in need.