Horses Go Home – 2020 Adoptions

Despite all of the challenges of 2020, eight rescued horses left the shelter for new homes this year. Thank you to all of the loving adopters who made space in their hearts and in their barns for these deserving horses!

Gunner, a gorgeous red dun registered Quarterhorse, was adopted by Heather in May and had a wonderful summer spending time at Acadia and on the beach. In addition to time on the trails, Heather and Gunner have been focused on Versatility Ranch work, including cow cutting, a first for Gunner. This future would have been hard to imagine when Gunner arrived at MSSPA with the Neglected Nine as a skinny, young gelding. Everyone at MSSPA is so happy that Heather has given Gunner the loving home–and the future–he deserves!

Ebony, an older black Tennessee Walker mare, was adopted by Linda in July as a companion for her retired TB mare Apple. Apple was disconsolate when her previous companion passed away, and she and Ebony formed a strong bond right away. Linda says that Ebony doesn’t miss a thing. In the evenings, she stands just at the corner of the garage so she can peer into the living room and see what’s going on. She’s just plain interested in everything that happens around her. What a wonderful new friendship for both Ebony and Apple!

Lacey, a spunky Standardbred mare, went home with adopters Nanci and Roger and companion Eddie in August. Nanci and Roger spent much of 2019 and 2020 getting their property ready so that they could adopt a rescued horse to care for and ride on trails. Nanci says that Lacey is full of sass–just like she was at the shelter!–and trots around the pasture tossing her head if morning feed is even 10 minutes late. Nanci is still in awe that she can look out her kitchen window and glimpse the horses napping in the sunlight or munching on hay.

Eddie, an older and unridable gelding, also went home with Nanci, Roger, and Lacey in August. Eddie is the “man in charge” in the pair and reminds Lacey every time fresh hay is thrown, but he is also happy to keep watch when Lacey takes an afternoon nap. Nanci’s favorite part of the day with her adopted horses is evening chores. She stands next to Eddie as he’s eating and lets him know he can take all the time he needs, which is often a lot. It’s a time of mutual bonding for just the two of them.

Tumbleweed, a big fan of sunbathing, was adopted in September by lifelong horsewoman, Jessyca. Tumble was adopted into a family of long-time MSSPA supporters. Jessyca’s sister, Jaymee, puts her horse experience to good work every day as an MSSPA staff member.  Tumbleweed settled in quickly at his new home with his new horse friend, Secret.  Together, Tumble and Secret have been doing a lot of trail riding, which they both really enjoy. Jessyca says that Tumbleweed is goofy and so loving.  That sounds just about right to all of us who knew him at the shelter!  

Clyde, a friendly grey gelding, went home with adopter Suzanne in October, where he settled in quickly with companion Franka. During the fall, Suzanne worked with Clyde on the ground and practiced riding on varied terrain. They’re now focused on bitless riding and getting ready to spend time on the Acadia carriage roads next year. Suzanne says that Clyde is pure joy. He is always ears forward: interested, curious, friendly. Every time Suzanne walks outside, Clyde makes sure to greet her. It sounds like he is just as happy about his new home as we are!

Pumpkin, a cute chestnut pony, was adopted in November by a life-long horsewoman and her family. Adopter Stephanie has been working in barns her whole life and was excited to find a pony who is a great fit for her daughter. Pumpkin is a big fan of kids, and he was very happy to wear a red bow when he met his new kiddo!

Bentley, a smart and handsome pony, was adopted in December by a long-time active rider. Adopter Jaime is experienced in working with younger and troubled horses. As he is only about 6 years old and had quite a troubled past before coming to MSSPA, Bentley is lucky to have found an adopter whose skills match up so well with his needs. Jaime is part of a tight-knit riding group at her stable, so Bentley will have a lot of opportunities to go on fun excursions. That is perfect for a playful and extraverted pony like Bentley!