Buck’s Second Chance

Adopt:  to choose or take as one’s own; make one’s own by selection or assent.  Adoption is the ultimate goal for each horse receiving loving care here at River Road Farm.

When Buck and Scotch were first unloaded at River Road Farm, some of the staff and volunteers looking on cried.  The horses’ appearance was shocking.  In particular, the older paint mare was skeletal, highly anxious, and had horrifying wounds to her hips, a fetlock, and a pastern.  One hind ligament was nearly severed. The buckskin stallion was a mess as well.  He had been confined in a metal trailer with his head tied to its floor for days at a time.  Predictably, both were loaded with parasites, needed dental attention, and their overgrown feet were rotting.

Scotch Upon Arrival at MSSPA

Scotch, still a lovely girl despite her cruel mistreatment, required daily visits from the veterinarian and nearly constant attention from staff.  As her physical condition slowly improved, her mental state deteriorated.  She became increasingly agitated, needed constant pain management and presented a real physical danger not only to the vet and staff, but also to herself.  Ultimately, when her condition plateaued, leaving her permanently in pain and distress without hope of recovery, there was no humane course other than euthanization.

Buck soon after arrival

For Buck, there were many challenges as well.  His physical recovery was the least of them.  Separation from and the eventual loss of Scotch also created enormous stress for him.  Due to his advanced age and poor condition, the gelding process required hospitalization.  Buck began life again as a gelding at age 12 and had to learn a whole new way of relating to other horses and people as well.  His strikingly handsome appearance made him an immediate favorite with staff and visitors.  Then, by good fortune, Buck was accepted as a trainee at Horses With Hope.  Soon his manners and skills equalled his engaging personality and gorgeous looks.

Buck heads to Horses with Hope for training

Here is the happy ending for Buck you have been patiently waiting for – his perfect person appeared and chose to make him her own.  Adoption success!  Although Scotch was not able to recover and find a new home, her final months were filled with excellent, comforting care.  When you choose to help horses here at the MSSPA, you are part of each story, each successful adoption, every single horse rescued from abuse.  It simply could not happen without you.  From Buck and Buddy to Bonnie and Clyde, along with hundreds of others who have passed through these barn doors, your support means love and care.  Thank you.