Mashallah (Kate)

From her adopter: “Mashallah (formerly Kate) was one of the Neglected 20. She is an eight-year-old mustang-type mare who joined our family in Fall ’21. Mashallah is simply a lovely horse.  She is very trusting, tries hard to learn and please, and is quite content to be bossed around by her pony companion, Roger. After Mashallah learned what body work is about (massage and other techniques), she started LOVING it and asking for it, often moving herself into position until I work on the area she wants me to.  She has so much personality and is a great communicator, too! Mashallah is a very sensitive girl and is teaching me to be increasingly softer in my cues. We are a good match.  Her training is focused on being relaxed, responsive and steady under saddle, with the eventual goal to be a safe and dependable trail horse.”