Bonnie – An Outlaw’s Story

When chestnut mare Bonnie and fleabitten grey Clyde came to MSSPA as the result of a large-scale seizure of animals, neither was healthy enough to cause much mischief. The neglect Bonnie experienced in her former home included lack of food and no accessible shelter. She wasn’t even free to roam the open range; she and Clyde were confined to a space the size of a small bedroom.

Bonnie and Clyde arriving at MSSPA

When Bonnie stepped off the trailer at the shelter her condition was dismal. She was underweight, full of worms, and out-of-date on shots. Damaged hooves and horrible dentition also added to her suffering. Yet, despite her mistreatment, Bonnie’s sweet personality shone through.  

Bonnie’s hooves when she arrived at the Society

During her year at the Society, Bonnie has received tender loving care from vets, farriers, volunteers, and staff and her health has improved significantly. She’s calm and always willing to sidle up to the fence to let you spend lots of time patting her. She gets along well with staff and visitors alike and is happy to take a walk when asked.

Bonnie taking a walk with MSSPA staff member Kadie Veinote

Up close in the sunshine it’s easy to see the beautiful spots that cover Bonnie’s chestnut coat. These subtle spots indicate that she may have Appaloosa in her blood. Unfortunately, records of Bonnie’s outlaw past are nowhere to be found, so it will remain her secret!

Showing off her subtle spots

Despite her mostly gentle demeanor, Bonnie has enough pizazz to make life interesting. The only whisper of outlaw behavior is when she’s heading into her stall – she loves going inside and makes it known to anyone handling her!

Enjoying her stall and grooming by MSSPA volunteer Cammie. With this kind of treatment, who WOULDN’T love their stall!

Otherwise, Bonnie has shown no evidence of a dark and mysterious past as an outlaw. She’s simply a lovable and mild horse who would make a charming companion for anyone lucky enough to welcome her into their stable.

Sweet and gentle Bonnie


Lovely outlaw mare Bonnie crossed the rainbow bridge this winter. Her sweet soul and gentle demeanor will be missed at the farm. She would be grateful for any assistance you can provide the other horses at MSSPA.