Celebrating 16,000 Volunteer Hours in 2019!

On Sunday, January 26th, the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals hosted its 2019 Volunteer Celebration, which capped off a year of volunteer milestones and successes. At the event, which was held at the River Road shelter, nearly 100 guests from the robust volunteer program came together with their families and MSSPA staff to celebrate and honor their service on behalf of the rescued horses.

During 2019, the Society’s incredible group of dedicated volunteers contributed over 16,000 hours to MSSPA. At the event, volunteers who donated 100 hours or more in 2019 were recognized and received a limited edition MSSPA lapel pin. MSSPA also honored seven individuals who had donated over 500 lifetime volunteer hours of service – quite an impressive accomplishment!

Throughout the afternoon, volunteers had the opportunity to get to know each other, enjoy refreshments, and watch a presentation by MSSPA horses and staff in the indoor arena. Staff members shared the progress of five rescued horses (Apollo, Clyde, Fuego, Grace, and Tonka), the results of their training regimens, and how volunteer contributions have allowed staff to focus on their rehabilitation and care. The horses showed off their progress in the arena and patiently listened as staff sang their praises and reflected on their significant progress. MSSPA’s goal was to reflect the sizeable impact that volunteers have on the Society’s ability to care for, train, and adopt out rescued horses. 

MSSPA volunteers are truly inspiring. Each day they are at the shelter, donating their time and energy to the Society. They might be mucking out stalls, sweeping the barn, completing office projects, or welcoming visitors and giving tours.

Sunday’s celebration allowed MSSPA staff and horses to recognize and honor the plethora of ways that volunteers contribute to making the MSSPA New England’s Premier Horse Shelter!

MSSPA appreciates and welcomes new volunteers; please visit www.msspa.org/volunteer if you would like to learn more about volunteering at the shelter.