Everyday People

There comes a time when people no longer need their worldly assets.  Each of us has the power to decide what will happen to ours when that time arrives.  The Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals has long been blessed with final gifts made by ordinary-seeming women and men.  These individuals, like Elizabeth Bedkar Simpson and Hermann Sprenger, possess extraordinary compassion. They aim for a world where all living creatures receive necessary sustenance and care.  They are not philanthropists on the scale of Rockefeller or Carnegie, but hardworking people with deep resources of kindness and generosity.  It is the collective gifts of everyday people that sustain the lives of animals in the shelter, giving them help, hope, and home. 

Hermann Sprenger

He was a working man with a love of working horses, all horses. Immigrating to the U.S. as a young man, Hermann settled in Central Maine where he lived for the rest of his life. He enjoyed spending time in nature, particularly in Lincoln, Maine where he frequently camped with his longtime companion June, who predeceased him. Although Hermann remained close with his family, his worldly assets were set apart for the care of those who remained behind when he died, those he loved – horses. Hermann Sprenger left a substantial legacy earned through hard work and modest living. And he left it to the horses here at River Road Farm. Thank you to Hermann Sprenger.

Elizabeth Bedkar Simpson

In terms of material wealth, Beth Simpson lived a simple life. Its richness was reflected in her relationships and family, love of literature and learning, and a deep connection with the natural world around her in Maine. Her abiding love of animals and concern for their well-being was a defining aspect of her active, interesting life. Beth earned her living by teaching others while studying the things she found so fascinating. Often working in her gardens, she was easily wooed away to a theatre performance or on her personal version of an antiques road show. A frequent supporter of the horses at MSSPA, Beth also generously provided for their lives beyond the days of her own.

Just as we treasure each life at the Society’s shelter, we also appreciate and safeguard the gifts given for the care of the animals. A legacy need not be large to be long lasting and impactful. It simply needs to be made in advance of death. We welcome your questions and invite you to join the Society’s Help, Hope, Home Legacy Circle. It is a community of everyday people who make each day count and take comfort in knowing they have insured that the animals here will always receive what they need. Every gift is gratefully received and is used to save the lives of those we all love, the horses rescued from abuse.