Save The Thankful Three

Save The Thankful Three

With your help, we did it!

Your compassion and generosity raised $20,000 to care for The Thankful Three and other horses at the MSSPA.

“Saltwater Farm” conjures images of green fields and glorious seascapes, but sadly, for three horses that recently arrived at the MSSPA, it meant years of neglect and suffering instead. Perhaps there were good intentions, but that wasn’t enough to provide for the basic care or medical needs of Lenny, Nora, and Charlie. Yes, these are new names to launch their new lives of good care and attention. Despite the beauty of their surroundings, their living conditions were deplorable, and their medical and dental needs are extreme. Then, like sunrise in Washington County, a fresh new morning brought an unexpected and most welcomed call from donor Julia Groom from the state of Virginia, who offered to double every gift, up to $10,000, to help The Thankful Three and all the Society horses. We are grateful to Julia and everyone who donated to help us meet this matching challenge. Thank you!

Even with the match met, your donation gives all the Society horses a lot to be thankful for in 2023. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.



Meet The Thankful Three

Lenny is a 21-year-old Red Roan Appaloosa gelding and is a great example of why horses need routine, yearly dental exams. He has the worst teeth seen at the farm in a very long time. The dental work required to make him comfortable will be extensive and expensive. But Lenny is friendly and so happy to have human interaction. This love bug will surely win a lot of hearts while his teeth get the care they need.

Nora was a 25-year-old bay Mustang mare. She came to the farm very skinny with no muscle tone in her hind end. Urinary issues added to her severe level of discomfort. Sadly, Nora’s arrival at the MSSPA did not happen soon enough to save her from the neglect she suffered. After consultation with the veterinarian, the decision was made that humane euthanization was the best way to take care of Nora. She is now pain-free. Rest easy, sweet Nora.

Charlie is a 22-year-old bay Mustang gelding. Although he arrived at the farm with significant burrs and mats tangled in his mane, he is in better health than his companions. But, most likely due to a lack of handling throughout his life, Charlie is much more reserved than his pasture mates. He is sweet once he trusts his handler, and low-level groundwork and loving attention will help him blossom.

Thank you for your generous support in raising $20,000 to help The Thankful Three and other Society horses receive the care they so desperately need.