Nesbit Goes to Horses with Hope

“A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care.”

— Pat Parelli

First turn of good luck, Nesbit was removed from his neglectful owner and arrived at the River Road shelter in July.  Although he had been on a lush pasture and his body weight was acceptable, he was mostly unsocialized and quite feral. 

He had not received vaccinations or dental care.  His hooves had not been trimmed in a very long time. He was very difficult to catch.  It took time and patience for MSSPA staff to begin the process of basic training for the handsome, young redhead. 

Second turn of good luck, Nesbit was accepted into the training program at MSSPA’s professional partner Horses With Hope! 

The privately owned equine facility generously donates its service to select horse shelters and rescues throughout New England to help prepare horses for adoption into new families. 

Look for periodic updates about Nesbit’s progress or follow Horses With Hope on social media. When he is ready, MSSPA and Horses With Hope will be promoting this seven year old for adoption – stay tuned and get lucky with Nesbit!

Horses With Hope, LLC was created in 2013 and is a privately-funded organization based out of Broadview Farm in Hope, Maine.  Their mission is to offer a comprehensive evaluation and retraining program for rescued equines. They emphasize the importance of consistent, quality training and are committed to helping horses find life long homes through successful adoptions.

Please follow them on Facebook at Horses With Hope and Instagram @horseswithhope