Jafar – A Vibrant Horse’s Story

Meet Jafar

Gazing into the soulful and lively eyes of 16-year-old Arabian Jafar, it’s hard to believe that he was a breath away from humane euthanization before he called MSSPA his home. Based on his poor condition and likelihood of having significant lifelong discomfort, some of the professionals treating him at the time of his removal discussed euthanization as the kindest course of treatment so he would not suffer. But Jafar’s will to survive was evident. His vibrancy and lust for life helped him rally and he has never looked back. 

Lively Jafar

Jafar and four other horses were taken into state custody from a neglectful owner in 2016. In his former placement, he was confined to a stall that was filled with manure. Lack of proper hoof care by his former owner created permanent damage to Jafar’s hooves that is easily exacerbated by grazing or feed that is high in sugar. When he was taken into state custody, he was a 3 out of 5 on the scale for lameness and was severely underweight. In addition, he had to undergo gelding before he arrived at the Society farm.

Barn Manager Jeff Greenleaf with Jafar

There was a lot working against Jafar ever becoming a healthy and comfortable horse, but his will to live proved able to help him recover from his surgery and endure the necessary hoof care. Jafar has an energetic and friendly personality that endeared him to the humans working with him and kept everyone motivated to save this beautiful horse’s life.

Want to be my friend?

Jafar has called MSSPA home for 4 ½ years and he has thrived. He loves human attention, and his engaging personality draws people to him. But because of the neglect he suffered, Jafar will never be a completely sound horse and he cannot be ridden. He requires a rigorous maintenance routine to keep his laminitis under control, including soaked hay and special shoes to keep him comfortable. The humans at the Society are committed to keeping him healthy by managing his expensive maintenance. Your donations and volunteer hours help keep Jafar a healthy, happy horse and the humans at MSSPA thank you.

Vibrant Jafar

Jafar is available for adoption and would make a charming companion horse for someone who understands that keeping him healthy requires a special person committed to his prevention and maintenance routine. In return, Jafar’s vibrant personality will bring more zest into anyone’s life!

Interested in adopting Jafar? Take a look at his adoption profile and complete a preliminary adoption application.

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