Molly – A Retired Horse’s Story

Molly’s gorgeous buckskin coat shining

You already know the story – a horse is severely neglected and starving and shows up at MSSPA for rehabilitation and rehoming. That was true of Molly, but the rest of her story is just a little different.

Molly is a purebred, registered Quarter Horse, and the beginning of her life didn’t include starvation and neglect. She was well-trained and proved successful in multiple types of competitions. Pleasure riding and even time spent as a lesson horse filled up Molly’s time and made use of her skills when she was younger. With her gorgeous buckskin coat and sweet personality, it’s easy to understand how she received such wonderful training, love, and care.  

Molly when she arrived at MSSPA in 2017

As they so often do, things changed for Molly as she grew older. Her original owner had to rehome her, and Molly soon found herself in a perilous situation. She and companion Eddie were both seized by the state from abusive owners in central Maine and brought to MSSPA in 2017.

Molly in starvation mode when she came to the Society

The road to rehabilitation was challenging for then 30-year-old Molly. When she stepped off the trailer at the Society, she cribbed on everything within reach, and even with careful re-feeding, she choked from bolting the tiny amount of grain in her feed tub. Staff and veterinarians quickly intervened, but it was a close call for Molly. Resilient, she rallied and went on to regain her health.

A happy Molly in her paddock

But as an older horse, time has taken its toll. Molly still has anxiety around food from the time she spent in starvation mode, and with no teeth, only soaked hay and grain will do for this older mare. She also has some lameness and can’t be ridden. Despite these limitations, Molly has nice ground skills and is calm and easy to handle.

Molly and Star

In retirement, Molly spends her days with her new friend Star, sometimes doing a lovely dancing prance when she is excited during turnout. After her working life as a youngster and her neglectful treatment as she grew older, Molly has earned her retirement.

Molly enjoying the retired life in her stall

Perhaps you’re a fellow retiree and would like to share your warm, loving home with Molly?

Perhaps you’re a compassionate horse lover who would like to provide Molly with the care and comfort she receives in the Society’s sanctuary program as she awaits the perfect adoptive home? 

Perhaps you will show your kindness and will power by leaving a legacy for Molly and all the MSSPA horses in your will?