Sheltering in Place at MSSPA

Sheltering in place at New England’s premier horse shelter means we REALLY miss our wonderful volunteers and so many friendly visitors, but the horses are still receiving outstanding care every day. Even though you may not be able to give Eddie a good scratch on his withers or kiss Windy River on his super soft nose, you can still join your favorite horses by enjoying all the good things life offers.

Get outside and have a sunbath, like Apollo! Eat a big pile of hay, like Oakley and Tumble Weed! Or follow ToTo’s example and have a delicious drink of ice water.

When the COVID-19 pandemic is over and things are back to a new normal, MSSPA will be here, caring for the horses and welcoming the return of all our friends. During this time when we can’t all be together, up close and personal, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Stay in touch with happenings here at River Road farm by following MSSPA on Facebook, visiting the website often, and checking out our posts on Instagram.

Let us hear from you, please, and we will pass along your virtual love to all your favorites in the barn!