Tater Tot is officially out of Quarantine

Tater Tot is free!

Upon arrival at the MSSPA shelter, horses are quarantined for 28 days to prevent the spread of communicable disease.

⬇️ It’s official, Tater Tot has a new friend ⬇️

Windy River

Tater Tot’s Story:

In the short time since Tater Tot arrived at the shelter, there have already been many changes, and all for the better. His hooves were trimmed almost immediately after he stepped off of the trailer, only the first step on his road to recovery. Because of how long his hooves were neglected, a single trim is not enough to heal him.

Sweet Tater Tot was neglected for years–at one point confined to a large apple crate. Because of his bad living situations and lack of basic hoof care, young Tater has significant medical requirements.

Tater currently wears comfort boots in his paddock and will likely need other therapies and medications during his rehabilitation. Every new arrival at the MSSPA shelter receives the same high level of care, tailored to their unique circumstances. Though Tater does not need as much hay as some of our other recent arrivals, his medical needs more than make up for it. Your gift will ensure that Tater Tot receives everything he needs to be a happy healthy mini. If you can, please support Tater’s rehabilitation with a gift to the horses. Thank you for your caring generosity!