Violet – A Boss Mare’s Story

Young Quarter Horse Violet may have started her life as a boss mare, but the incredible mistreatment she and her herdmates suffered at the hands of a neglectful owner soon acted to steal the spirit and life from her. As a part of the Neglected Nine, a herd of horses seized in Washington County in 2016, Violet experienced severe neglect. She had lived without food, adequate water, or protection from the elements.

Violet upon arrival at the MSSPA

On the overcast August day when Violet arrived at MSSPA, her hipbones, ribs, and spine jutted prominently. Her hooves were overgrown and damaged. She suffered from intestinal parasites and lice infestation. Even as a young mare, her body was weak from neglect and mistreatment.

Severely underweight due to lack of food
Damaged and overgrown hooves

Violet spent her first several months at the Society undergoing rehabilitative care. She ate alfalfa pellets and other high-quality foods to gain weight and regain strength. Veterinarians oversaw protocols to clear her system of parasites and lice. Farriers cared for her damaged hooves.

Gaining weight and strength during her rehabilitation

During the rehabilitation process, Violet showed a spark of lively spirit to those that worked closely with her. Her affection for humans, despite her mistreatment, remained strong. As her body regained strength, Violet soon demonstrated a confident and curious personality that today defines her relationship with humans and other horses. To meet Violet now, you might never know that she was anything less than the vibrant and energetic boss mare that rules her paddock.

Curious and confident Violet

Violet spends her days at the Society munching hay and curiously greeting her human visitors with her new friend Indie.

Indie lazing in the sun and Violet munching hay

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