Amir and Tripp

From their adopter: “Amir arrived at Reigning Hope Ranch in the fall of 2021. He brings youthful joy and comedy to our herd, and everyone here adores him. Since he’s just seven years old and only began his training at the age of five, we are continuing his training with a classical dressage foundation and also pursuing his strength in endurance and cross country events. Amir is used within our equine-assisted psychotherapy program doing unmounted activities and has begun to work in our small lesson program with more advanced riders. He loves to work and play at liberty. He has a larger-than-life personality that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Tripp (one of the Neglected 20) has only been at the ranch for a short time, but he is already making powerful connections with staff and clients. Because of his traumatic history, he seems to develop an empathetic bond with many clients in our therapy program. There is a softness and mutual respect. He helps us teach important lessons in vulnerability, trust, and boundaries. He is an intelligent and sweet-natured guy who is the epitome of a gentle giant. He loves kids, has realized ear rubs are amazing and enjoys licking hands and arms at the end of training sessions. He is not yet being ridden, but he is slowly understanding and accepting the idea of becoming a riding horse. We will continue to move at his pace as earning his trust and making him feel safe is our number one priority. All of our staff members have developed a love affair with his eyelashes. They are trying to help him understand that our deep desire to smooch the side of his muzzle is not an attempt to bite him but, in fact, an honest expression of love that many horsewomen struggle to contain.”