From her adopter: “We adopted Eva on March 17th this year and she is doing fabulously! She and my other mare, Kue, have really become buddies and love to hang out together, as long as Kue doesn’t get too close to Eva’s hay pile. If Eva goes where Kue can’t see her, Kue will call her and Eva comes running.  It’s adorable!

Eva’s favorite things to do are sunbathe, graze in the fields, and eat ALL the treats.

She has made such amazing progress since we adopted her, especially considering that she had just started work under saddle when she came home.  She now gets on/off the trailer like a pro and has been on a couple trail rides already.

Eva is the sweetest, funniest, spiciest lady and I just love everything about her!  She is exactly what I was looking for in a horse and I am beyond grateful that we were able to adopt her and that she will now be loved and spoiled for the rest of her life.