Lily and Abby

From their adopter: “We fostered two of the ‘Seven Little Women’ mini donkeys, Lilly and Abby, in 2017. They have become a bonded pair and are sweet, well behaved, and so loving! Lilly has been trained to drive and Abby tags along. They like to be brushed, have their ears scratched, go on walks, and most of all be loved on! They follow me everywhere in the paddock hoping for a scratch or treat!

Their paddock is beside two mares, Suri and LadyO, who they stay clear of, not because the horses are aggressive but because the donkey girls are shy. These mini donkeys are a cross between a dog and a horse — loving like a dog but too big to fit in our laps! I love their their little donkey brays reminding me when it’s mealtime!”