Willey – An “Outdoor” Horse’s Story


Meet Quarter Horse cross Willey, whose independence has flourished during his time at River Road Farm. He is a quiet horse and doesn’t ask to be the center of attention. In fact, he prefers to spend time on his own, discovering what nature has to offer as he enjoys time in his paddock. But it took Willey awhile to embrace his independence and love of the outdoors.

Independent Willey

Willey used to be in a paddock with his best gal, Diana. They were inseparable, spending time frolicking and showing what fun friendship can be. Willey also spent a lot of time joining Diana inside their shelter because she is most certainly an “indoor” horse. To please Diana, Willey followed suit.

Willey and Diana frolic in the snow

But as life moves forward, things change, and that’s what happened for Willey and Diana. New pasture mate Blossom joined them and a new best friendship was born – between Diana and Blossom. At first, this was unwelcome news for Willey, and it took some time for him to adjust to the shift in his relationship with Diana.

New best friends Diana and Blossom

However, the change brought Willey the opportunity to move to the back hill paddock and discover how much he LOVES roaming outside independently. Without the friendship between Diana and Blossom, Willey may never have embraced his true nature as an “outdoor” horse. Willey now contentedly spends his days exploring the great outdoors with new friend Del.

Willey and Del enjoying their large paddock

As independent and introverted as Willey is, he would be happy to find an adopter who understands his self-possessed, “outdoor” horse nature. He would make a wonderful pasture-pal or companion horse for someone who respects and appreciates his independent nature and can let him be true to his natural love of the outdoors.

“Outdoor” horse Willey

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