Providing refuge, rehabilitation, and placement for abused and neglected Maine horses.

Providing refuge, rehabilitation, and placement for abused and neglected Maine horses.


The Maine State Society for the Protection of Animal today announced that at the most recent meeting of its governing body, David A. Jefferson, DVM was elected to a three-year term as a director of the non-profit horse shelter. A 1969 graduate of Cornell University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Jefferson brings a remarkable, unique combination of skills, experience, and interest to the organization. Meris J. Bickford, CEO of the organization enthusiastically acknowledged Dr. Jefferson’s long-standing friendship with the Society, its horses, and its President Marilyn Goodreau. Ms. Bickford also praised Ms. Goodreau and the other directors of the organization for their support in advancing the Society’s life-saving work for abused, neglected equines. –-Read More–

The Society uses its resources to provide direct care, rehabilitation and placement for horses who have suffered abuse.

The Society promotes humane treatment, training and use of animals through education and hands-on experiences.

Come and see for yourself, any horse can find themselves in bad circumstances. The Society has helped virtually every breed of horse – Arab through Warmblood – and everything in between. Recently that point was emphasized by receiving into care two registered Arabian mares who had fallen on hard times. With their new-to-us names of Ms. Penny and Fire, the girls are safely stabled in the isolation barn and receiving the first of their rehabilitative treatments. Underweight and in need of services, their feet required immediate attention. Baseline studies by the Society’s able veterinarian Dr. Rachel Flaherty will allow us to track their recovery before offering these Gorgeous Girls for adoption. Just a reminder, horses adopted from the MSSPA shall not be bred. Connect with the conversation on Facebook by clicking the video.

The Society is open daily from 1 – 4 P.M.

Our vision is to eliminate equine abuse and neglect.

The mission of the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals is to provide refuge, rehabilitation, and placement of seized equines; support the placement of surrendered horses, and educate the public.