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News & Events

There are always many goings-on at the MSSPA shelter and in its herd! The best way to stay updated is by following the Society on social media or signing up for the email list. You can look forward to lots of gorgeous photos and news about the rescued horses. Please join us!

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Scroll below to see a few of the most recent Facebook posts and learn what’s happening at the shelter!


Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

3 hours 38 minutes ago

Upper Pond Stables are donating a portion of the proceeds from their Fun Show on August 20th to the MSSPA! We are so grateful to Tina Titus, the owner of Upper Pond Stables, for her generosity and support of our work. For more information about the show and how to register, please visit Don’t forget that you can still donate to Edie’s fundraiser! She will be riding in the Fun Show to benefit the MSSPA! Thank you, Tina and Edie! The Maine Trailriders Association will also be at the show with their food truck, so come by and have a bite!

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Photo courtesy of Upper Pond Stables.

Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

2 days 3 hours ago

Are you on the lookout for a new trail partner? Sara, a lovely bay Standardbred, might be your perfect match! This 16hh mare appears to be in her late teens. Sara is more reserved than “in your pocket,” but she is smart and eager to please. Sara was most likely raced as a trotter under harness; her lip tattoo is illegible so we have little information about her past and any prior riding history is unknown. Although she has some anxiety around mounting/dismounting, she relaxes into the ride once you’re in the saddle.

Sara tends to be much more whoa than go in an arena, but once outside, she is happy to pick up the pace! She isn’t spooky, making her an excellent walk/trot trail horse. With her curiosity and love of being outdoors, Sara really shines when she’s on the trail!

She is an easy keeper, not currently on any medications, and is barefoot. If you are interested in adopting Sara, you can fill out a preliminary application at

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Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

5 days 3 hours ago

At the MSSPA, we are dedicated to helping horses. One of the best parts of our job is watching our horses go on to help humans at their adoptive homes! After Amir’s adoption last fall, he went to his new home at Reigning Hope Ranch. Reigning Hope Ranch provides therapeutic riding, traditional riding lessons, and equine-assisted psychotherapy to those struggling with emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges.

Amir is a seven-year-old Arabian who “brings youthful joy and comedy to our herd, and everyone here adores him,” says his adopter. “Amir is used within our equine-assisted psychotherapy program doing unmounted activities. He has a larger-than-life personality that brings a smile to everyone’s face.”

Tripp came to the MSSPA as a member of the Neglected 20 in July 2021. After rehabilitation at the shelter and receiving training at Horses with Hope, he was adopted and joined Amir at Reigning Hope. His adopter tells us that Tripp “has only been at the ranch for a short time, but he is already making powerful connections with staff and clients. Because of his traumatic history, he seems to develop an empathetic bond with many clients in our therapy program. There is a softness and mutual respect. He helps us teach important lessons in vulnerability, trust, and boundaries.”

For more information about Reigning Hope Ranch, please visit

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Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

6 days 3 hours ago

The MSSPA sends a big THANK YOU to Brennan Equine Welfare Fund (BEWF) ( ) for their generous grant in support of our horses! This gift will help us continue to provide the highest quality veterinary care for our horses, feed and hay, and training. Many of the horses that come to the MSSPA have been neglected or abused. The grant from Brennan Equine Welfare Fund allows us to continue to provide the daily care and love needed for these rescued horses to thrive and ultimately be adopted to their forever home.

The Brennan Equine Welfare Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation‘s generosity helps us to continue this life-saving work. We are so grateful for this wonderful organization’s ongoing benevolence!

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Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

1 week 3 hours ago

We love having campers from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland's Unleashed Camps visit the MSSPA shelter on field trips throughout the summer! The campers get to meet the MSSPA horses, learn about proper horse care and safety, and enjoy lots of summer sun on the beautiful grounds at River Road Farm in Windham. Interested in visiting the MSSPA shelter? You can reserve a visit at!

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Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

1 week 1 day ago

Thank you Backyard Yoga with Pam Cates for setting up a special yoga session in support of the MSSPA horses. All levels are welcome to this gentle flow class and there's even a Zoom link for those that can't make it to Gray, ME.

Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

1 week 2 days ago

What’s better than adopting a horse from the MSSPA? Adopting two, of course! Willow made one young horsewoman’s holiday dreams come true when she was adopted on December 23, 2021. When Willow’s new family began looking for another horse to add to their herd, they returned to the shelter. Her adopter says that Ana, a draft cross mare, one of the first group of "Vermonters" at MSSPA, is exactly what they needed! These two confident mares bonded quickly and miss each other when they’re apart. “We took them to a four-day clinic with Chris Lombard Horsemanship in June, and no one could believe they had just met four weeks prior. They needed to share a stall, or Willow would bellow for Ana.” Willow and her young human “come alive when they see each other,” and Ana’s new partner loves how Ana is tuned in to her and their relationship. She says, “We are so thrilled to have been able to adopt horses from the MSSPA. It was honestly the very best way we could have found our companions, and we could not be more thankful.”

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Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

1 week 4 days ago

Congratulations to Kevin Mahoney, a member of the MSSPA Board of Directors, on his adoption of Ollie from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland! Kevin, we've got a horse for you when you're ready! 😜🐶🐴

#adoptdontshop #animaladoption #animalshelter #equineshelter #equinerescue

Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

1 week 4 days ago

Our very own Breezy has been ADOPTED! Arabian Breeze was born at the MSSPA shelter in February 2021. This beautiful bay Arabian gelding has a friendly personality and always makes people smile with his baby horse antics. Now, he’s joined a new herd! His adopter is a friend to MSSPA and an accomplished horsewoman and long-distance trail rider. She says, “Since June 30th, when Breezy (aka Lil B) arrived at the barn, he has been very busy learning that he has another speed than ‘run.’ Our work has been on manners and calm walks. He has also been introduced, one at a time, to the herd and spends his daylight hours with 2 horses. Max and Nickle are full brothers, and they take turns staying with Breezy in his paddock.” Congratulations, Breezy!

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Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

1 week 5 days ago

So happy that Fuego and Ruby got a chance to strut their stuff in New Hampshire yesterday!

Thanks to you, the MSSPA has been caring for abused, neglected Maine horses for nearly 150 years.

We’re so thankful to have supporters like you!